Sweater ESKIMO I

Muffin & Berry sweaters are hand-knitted and made of 100% natural wool.

Wool is known for its durability and flexibility. Woolen sweater is a breathable garment and provides instant  warmth unlike synthetic sweater. The wool fiber itself is strong & elastic. So as a result, woolen sweater is very   durable and long lasting garment. Wool naturally contains lanolin, which is a type of grease that repels water. So woolen sweater is naturally water-resistant and is a great buffer against rain, wind and snow. Your dog will stay warm even when it‘s wet & cold outside. Due to a special double-knitting pattern Muffin & Berry sweater is a great choice even for a very cold winter. What is more, woolen sweater is a highly practical garment. Very easy to clean as dirt can be simply wiped off from the sweater and it needs very little washing or laundry, and dries quickly.



100% Wool

Colour: White & Brown


Machine washable at 300 C

Handmade in Lithuania



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